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Hi, I'm Rick...
So nice to have you here  

This is a fledgling organization, a nondenominational, new age ministry helping people find meaning in their lives through an inward journey of self-discovery. Our mission is to provide insights, a sense of security and a loving atmosphere, enabling the average adult to spend less time stressing out and more time at peace with their lives.

   As children of the same universe, people of all beliefs (even atheists) are welcome here. Our overall vision is to share various forms of spiritual insights within a weekly blog through which various thoughts to ponder will be shared. No guilt, no sin. Just a whole bunch of love.

   In addition, as an Ordained Minister, I offer my services to officiate the ceremonies of marriage, funerals and house blessings, and am willing to travel when possible. I also offer meditation for beginners, and counsel to the dying, along with those left behind.

   Our target audience additionally includes those who are realizing there must be more to life than merely going to work every day, especially doing a job they hate, and others, such as the homeless, who are feeling lost and trapped because they see no way out of their painful situation.

   The Ministry of Sacred Love does not offer psychological services, nor does it pretend to, however there may be members who are licensed to do so, and their thoughts are always welcome. The Ministry is also not offering career coaching, dating advice, or astrological information. It merely helps the seekers examine their lives in ways that may never have occurred to them. 

   Bottom line? We wish to help the participants discover intuitions about their real place in the universe through finding and unleashing their own unique truths.



Each Sunday I will be offering a new blog, and I hope you will join me in an examination of life in today's crazy world.

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