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10 Tenets of Sacred Love

"When the entirety of mankind is in love and harmony, the world is balanced, and all is well. When it is not in harmony, our world comes slowly unglued."
  1. God did not create us from dust or clay... he made the entire cosmos, including us, out of himself. All of nature, therefore, is sacred. We are at one with All That Is, yet we are also separate.

  2. Our relationship to others should be based upon a profound respect for the God-self at the center of each of us. This is equally true for all that exists.

  3. The essence of God is one of supreme, infinite love. But this knowledge is meaningless unless you first love your existence enough to forgive everyone, including yourself. 

  4. All of us... the beautiful and the ugly, the old and the young, the black, yellow, red, white, the large and the small, male and female, crippled and whole... are children of the same Universe, no matter what religion we follow. Beauty lies in the heart of our diversity.

  5. We must remember that anger and hatred are not the opposite of love; they are the result of fear. Sooth the fear with compassion whenever possible. That is the true meaning of loving your enemy.

  6. We were not created to plunder the world, but rather to care for it, and all upon it. When the entirety of mankind is in love and harmony, the world is balanced, and all is well. When it is not in harmony, our world comes slowly unglued. It is the way of life.

  7. Change is constant, hence, everything ultimately becomes everything else. See that in all its forms, and recognize that how we care for the world is a direct reflection of that awareness.

  8. At its core, all of existence is sacred energy... and although our bodies die, our spiritual selves do not; they continue to exist, but in a world of a higher frequency than our physical world, somewhat like radio or TV wavelengths, a world that is invisible to us, yet quite real.

  9. Honor the spiritual joy in your sensory interplay with everyday existence. Like a child, hear the music with your entire body... feel the midday sunlight on your face as the cool breeze softens the heat, let the autumn foliage tickle your eyes, feel the melting ice cream cone drip down between your fingers, and laugh... delight in the magic of this life as often as it permits.

  10. Know that any activity can be a spiritual practice if done in the right frame of mind. Let your actions flow, like music from that deepest part of you.


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